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BILL'S 26 RIG-PACK - This is the best deck hardware package offered by any Tattoo Dealer in the - - - - - - -  $1,000
country. It makes your boat safer and easier, to rig and sail. This is the best option for your money, by far, and is only sold as a pack to customers that buy a Tattoo 26 from BOATS 4 SAIL. It includes  all of the items listed below (with the exceptions of items below the double line):

Halyards Aft to Cockpit - This allows you to hoist your sails from the cockpit. The way the 26 comes from Tattoo you would have to stand on top of the boat, at the mast, to raise and lower the sails, and cleat the halyards on the mast.  - Longer Halyards, color coded, with Snap-Shackles; SS Blocks (4); Rope Clutches (4), for Main Halyard, Jib Halyard and Downhaul, and Dagger Board.

Bill's EZ Cleats - Bring your headsail (Jib, Genoa, Spinnaker) sheets aft so you can tack from the helm. They simplify single-handing. - Cam-cleats, with fairleads, that go on Genoa track.

Mainsheet/Vang/Preventer Upgrade - New SS Mainsheet Blocks with a Snap-Shackle. I convert your Tattoo mainsheet blocks to a vang (which is the Tattoo vang). A snap-shackle is added, and a longer line so it can be used as a Preventer.  - Boom-Bungy; Sail-Track Stop; Bail; Shackle.

Topping-Lift – This keeps the boom from dropping into the cockpit when you drop your mainsail. A simple, safe, one-part system that works the best if you do any trailering. - Line; Snap-Hook.

Sail-Slugs - Installed on your mainsail, and are necessary, to hoist it from the cockpit. - Reef-Lines are installed.

Headsail Downhaul – Lets you get the hanked-on headsail (Jib or Genoa) down from the cockpit, without it going in the water, or blocking your vision. It is a good, safe system that works. This is much better than roller-furling, for this boat, if you are trailering, in my opinion. – Line, Snap-Hook, Block

Mainsail Downhaul – Line, Snap-Hook, blocks, fairlead.

Forestay-Pin/Tack Snap-Shackle - Simplifies attaching your forestay, attached with a lanyard so you can't lose it, and for attaching your headsail. - Quick-connect, one-piece, forestay-pin, with lanyard, Snap-Shackle.
Lines - Anchor Line (3/8" x 100', with 2 SS shackles); Dock Lines (4 - 3/8" x 15'); and Fender Lines.

Also included are a lot of other items that simplify things, such as Adjuster-Covers; Anchor-Locker Snap-Hook with lanyard; Bungy-Cords; Trailer Hull-Protectors/Centering-Rail Covers;  all necessary mounting hardware, with extra pins, nuts, bolts, and shackles in a stowage-box. Modifications may be made to fit a customers needs. Deletions may be made for credit.                                                                                                                                                               (4/7/13)


Rigging - I will assist you in rigging your boat, at no charge. However, if you prefer, I will rig your boat to - - - - -  $500
factory specs. It will probably require some adjustments.

Dagger Board and Rudder (one of each) – List price for a spare Board is $460; a spare Rudder is $225,    - - - - - - $480
($685 total). My cost is $479.50.  Shipping for these can be quite expensive, especially for the Dagger Board,
because of its size.

(*Above prices, and free installation, are only good if boat is purchased from BOATS 4 SAIL, when boat is being picked up.)