Tattoo makes the best trailerable cruising sailboats available and
BOATS 4 SAIL is the best place to buy a Tattoo.


We started selling MacGregor sailboats in 1991. We’ve sold hundreds of them; over 150 of the 26M, the last MacGregor 26 model built by Roger MacGregor in California, Now we are selling Tattoo sailboats  being built by Roger MacGregor’s daughter in Stuart, Florida.


Take a look at www.tattooyachts.com and www.Facebook.com/TattooYachts Go to www.macgregorsailors.com where owners and potential buyers of MacGregor sailboats have discussions and share ideas. There are various forums and I believe they will have one for the Tattoo. You can also ask here for a reference for Bill, at BOATS 4 SAIL.


Customer Testimonials

Also, go to www.macgregorowners.com - Click on “Boat Info” – “26M” (to the right) – “Owner Reviews” -
Check out the postings by: Bruce Hamilton, Jim Connors, Kathy Goodwin, Colin Smart, Laurie Rude, Victor, Donald McArthur, Tim Spicer, Bob Frye, John Walton, Johnny Zackary, Jeffery Everson, Ernie Scarborough, Ramon, Frank Hall, Calin Bugnariu, Stan Reynolds, and/or Rod Hinerman. These are reviews of customers that bought a 26M from us. Others gave us a good review but did not mention me or BOATS 4 SAIL by name.


We have the best deck hardware package offered by any Tattoo dealer in the country, as we did for the MacGregor 26M and the 26X before that, which will make your boat safer and easier to rig and sail. We have a pretty good idea what doesn't work and what does. We are able to answer questions and offer solid advice based on experience, not available from other dealers.

Basically, the Tattoo comes from the factory in a container, with the parts in a box inside the boat. We unload them, put the lights and fenders on the trailer, and get it ready to roll. The boat will require rigging, cleaning, and the installation/assembly of options of your choice.


The options we sell are pretty much limited to the ones we get from Tattoo, and the ones in my RIG-PACK. We won’t try to sell you something we don’t think you want or need. We won’t sell you something we don’t use, or recommend, ourselves. We’ll probably talk you out of more options than we’ll talk you into. The Tattoo factory options that we do recommend will be underlined on our Price List and Order Form, when they become available.  We suggest that you do not get a lot of options initially. Get the ones that we recommend, and possibly a few others. Use your boat for awhile. Then you will have a better idea of what options you really want or need. Some dealers load their boats up with options that do little, or nothing, to make your boat safer and/or easier to rig and sail, to maximize their profit. That is the expensive way to find out which options you don’t really want or need. You don’t have to buy any options from us that you don’t want.


The only way we sell the Tattoo is if you pick it up at our shop in S.E. Wisconsin, as customers from 37 states, and 7 Canadian provinces have done in the past. This method, which seems to work best, and we prefer, is for you come to our shop for a day and we assist you in rigging your boat, at no additional charge. This gives us time to answer your questions, recommend options based on your boating experience and how you plan to use your boat, and lets you get more familiar with the boat.


MacGregor was the boat we sailed. We have trailered and sailed a MacGregor (26C, 19, 26X, and 26M) thousands of miles: Key West, the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, and many points in between. Now, we will be selling, and sailing, the Tattoo.

Our prices are fair and competitive. Compare them to other dealers. Why buy a used boat when you can buy a new Tattoo, equipped the way you want, at a very reasonable price, from BOATS 4 SAIL. You don’t have to pay us any tax unless you register your boat in Wisconsin.


If you are interested in owning the newest version of the best trailerable cruising sailboat available, equipped the way you want, at a fair price, please contact us at   boats4sail@sbcglobal.net  for current info on availability, prices, discounts, special offers, etc. We are located in S.E Wisconsin (near Oconomowoc), about thirty-five miles west of Milwaukee, just ten miles north of I-94.


  • We might not be the biggest Tattoo dealer, just the best.